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The Mental Game:
Academics & Athletics

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Tami Matheny - Mental Game coach, Former College coach, author of the confident athlete, this is good and the confidence journal, jon gordon speaking team and partner in the confident athlete program

Jeff Heggie - Entrepreneur And Success Coach. Co-Creator Of The Confident Athlete Program. Former Professional Rodeo Cowboy And 20 Years Experience As A Basketball Coach

Tony Miglio – ACT Math Specialist, 15+ Years Of Tutoring ACT/SAT Experience. Creator Of ACT Calculator Online Course, Creator Of ACT Fast Math Online Course. President Of NKY Tutoring.

Jackie Pollina - Founder Of J&J Test Prep. 300K+ Followers On Test Prep TikTok. Creator Of Revolutionary Digital SAT Prep Platform No B.S. SAT® Prep At Nobsprep.Com

Jennifer Henson - Is A Nationally Sought After Test Prep Expert Specializing In The ACT Test. Jennifer, Who Was Winton Woods City School’s (OH) Teacher Of The Year In 2014, Holds A Master Of Education Degree With A Bachelor’s In English From Xavier University—Where She Was A Walk-On Tennis Player. She’s Taught 22 Years And Coached ACT Prep For Over 13 Years.

Welcome to "The Mental Game: Academics and Athletics" webinar, where we delve into the game-changing impact of mental toughness on student athletes' performance both in their studies and on the field. Join us for an enlightening session on our revolutionary approach to test preparation and holistic success.

Key Takeaways:

Maximize Your Athletic Potential: Learn how mental strength directly translates to heightened athletic performance, enabling you to excel in your chosen sport.

Dominate the Academic Arena: Understand how mental toughness is your secret weapon for conquering exams, projects, and academic challenges with confidence.

Achieve Unprecedented Balance: Discover best practices for seamlessly integrating academic excellence with your athletic pursuits, paving the way for a well-rounded, successful future.

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